How To Find The Will Of God In Your Life by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 6:10

Recently I was with a group of Christian businessmen
going through a time of testing and we were discussing
how to find the will of God in any matter that comes
into our lives. One of the businessmen, a young
Christian and on fire for the Lord, and a highly
successful man, said, "I want to ask you a question. I
had an account and I did something that I knew was
wrong (he was being honest with me) relative to an
account, and I lost it." He told me what his financial
loss was. He said, "Do you think God punished me for
doing that wrong thing?"

I said, "As a child of God, let's turn from the word
punishment and say rather, chastening. The Lord
chastens His people. Let's use the word as it is meant
in the Book of Hebrews, which means to train a child.
The Lord is training us, not punishing us in the
sense of trying to hurt us. It is simply to correct us
and draw us nearer unto Himself. I don't know whether
God did that to you or not. Maybe He did; maybe He
didn't. Whatever it is, I know that whom the Lord
loves, He chastens. He corrects every son that He
receives. He corrects us when we go wrong, and I am
glad that He does. He does it because He loves us and
doesn't want anything to come between us to mar our
fellowship. Human beings will let things come between
and break fellowship. But the Lord won't let that
happen. He knows that our well being is dependent upon
our fellowship with Him, and He WANTS our fellowship
so much that He will not allow us to do that which
will mar that fellowship without correcting us. The
idea is correction. He wants us to be partakers of His
holiness and His love more than ever before."

The child of God must not think that God stands over
him with a rod, delighting to whip somebody. That is
not true. He is a Father, more loving than any earthly
father could be, and it is IN OUR INTEREST that ...

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