Ye Are The Light Of The World by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 5:13

If you have your Bibles, turn with me, please, to Matthew
the fifth chapter, friends, and verse 13, again today. We
are taking up the study of "The Influence of God's People
on the People of the World," what it means to really live
the Christian life. We found out, in verses 13 and 14 and
15 and 16, in Matthew's Gospel, that this influence of a
child of God on the people of the world is three-fold. It
is SALT, and LIGHT, and then, A CITY. A Christian is like
salt. A Christian's influence is like light. A Christian
life is like a city set on a hill.

Studying the word "salt" we found out that salt meant the
so live and to so testify that his life counts to HOLD BACK
SIN AND CORRUPTION from spreading on the earth, which damn
the souls of men. Oh, God help us. Think of the multitudes
of lives that have HURT OTHERS. Think of the men who have
written books, books that have been published today, that
do not elevate and ennoble and bless, that appeal to the
baser passions. There is a lot of sewage being printed
today, and filth, things that defile, that appeal to the
baser passions of men, that influence men downward, not
upward, toward hell and not toward heaven, toward a life of
corruption rather than a life of purity and godliness. And
believe me, there is coming a day when all such
contaminators of truth will be punished. I call your
attention to Romans 1:18, where we read, "The wrath of God
is revealed from heaven against all who hinder the truth by
their unrighteousness." Hinder the truth! We are either
helpers of the truth or hinderers.

Now we come to the second thing. We have studied salt. Now
we come to LIGHT. Light is the illuminative influence
revealing the way to God and the walk with God and the will
of God. LIGHT! We have read here in Matthew 5:1.3, "Ye are
the salt of th ...

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