What It Means To Believe In The Heart by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 10:1-10

One day a man was felling trees in the woods. He saw a
dead tree with its leafless branches. Said he, "That
tree is fit only to be burned. It is dead and dry.
I'll cut it down." Instantly the thought came to him,
"Am not I, too, only a dead tree, fit only to be
burned?" He struck a few blows with his axe at that
dead tree. Then the thought came, "Will God cut me
down?" Suddenly he threw down his axe and started
home, and when he reached home, he fell on his knees
before God, and repented of his sins. He knew he was a
lost sinner, and he sought God's forgiveness, in

There is no other way, friends. NO OTHER WAY. All of
us, like that man, are condemned unless we are found

Now we turn to the 10th chapter of this great Book of
Romans, and we want to see what God has revealed about
His great Plan of Salvation. The first thing we see
there is that ZEAL is not enough to have to be saved.
Paul says, "Brethren, my heart's desire and
supplication to God for Israel is that they might be
saved. For I bear them record that they have a ZEAL
for God, but NOT ACCORDING TO KNOWLEDGE." Religious
ZEAL is not enough. You can go everywhere and find a
lot of zeal, without the true knowledge of God's Plan
of Salvation. There are people in the world who will
crawl on their knees, for miles, zealous for their
religion, or prostrate themselves in agony before
heathen temples, and they are ignorant of GOD and HIS
PLAN OF SALVATION. Zeal in religious things is not the
test of salvation. This chapter condemns the idea that
"if I believe earnestly enough in religion, I will be
all right." Or, "If I am just sincere about what I
believe, I'll be all right." You can BELIEVE that a
certain poison is medicine, but if you take it, you'll
die. ZEAL, not according to knowledge, is no test of
whether your religion is true.

And P ...

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