The Manifestation Of Divine Righteousness by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 3:24

Friends, will you turn with me now to the wonderful
chapter 3 of ROMANS, and verse 24, and we are studying
again JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH, being justified freely,
being DECLARED righteous, FREELY, without any cost to
us. BY HIS GRACE; God's marvelous FORGIVENESS, through
BY FAITH, the most wonderful story, the story that
made a change in the entire world that is such a
blessing now, the very foundation stone of the
wonderful Reformation, the foundation stone of early
Christianity, SALVATION, as found in the Epistle to
the Romans; and in the first five chapters of Romans
Paul deals primarily with this tremendous theme that
floods his heart---JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH.

Meaning of Justification

Now. We have studied the word itself. We found the
meaning, back in the early Greek, of dike (pronounced
dik-kay) meaning literally, "divine acquittal, a
litigant who is acquitted and declared righteous."
We found the meaning of the word dikaiao to mean "to
treat as righteous, but not to MAKE righteous; the
verdict of a judge declaring a person as righteous and
acquitting him thereby.

Source in Old Testament

We found that Paul got the teaching from the Old
Testament, and we find JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH plainly
taught us (this wonderful foundation stone of
salvation) in Isaiah the Prophet and in the Psalms.
Psalm 24:5, "He shall receive a blessing from the Lord
and righteousness from the God of his salvation."
Righteousness is something RECEIVED. Righteousness is
described as REVEALED. God says, "My salvation is gone
forth. My righteousness I bring near." So righteous-
ness is something described in all these passages as
something going forth, projected from God, and coming
to men to save them.

God's Righteousness Manifest in Four Forms

Now these passages made a deep impression on ...

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