Our Introduction To The Father by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 5:1-11

We are talking today about the blessed and blissful
consequences of Justification by Faith. Now the word
JUSTIFICATION is the Greek word dikaiosis. We have it
at the end of chapter 4, and it is Paul's main theme.
Justification, or how GOD DECLARES the believer

Paul explains this method of obtaining righteousness
in chapter 4, and he shows that it was not
contradictory to the Old Testament, but the same, as
in the case of Abraham and David. God never has, God
never will have, any other way of saving people,
except by DECLARING them righteous, by faith, by

Now he shows THE CONSEQUENCES of this wonderful
justification, this being declared righteous. He
explains why it is that a Christian CAN FACE
martyrs faced death joyfully; they weren't afraid of
death. There are two reasons why real Christians face
persecution and death joyfully. First, the believer
has a gushing spring of tranquility in his heart,
peacefulness in all his relations with God. If you are
right with God, then you don't have to fear anything
else. Second, he has a thoroughly confident hope of
the future and glory. He knows he is right with God
here, and joy floods his heart, and he knows that he
is safe for the future, that when he dies he will be
in heaven with the Lord. And a man can't keep these
two things in his heart without some brightness and
splendor and radiance shining out in all his speech
and actions. They did in Paul's life! They should and
will, in ours, as we meditate on these things,
BELIEVING them and acting on them!

Now let's look at the text a little more carefully. In
Romans 5:1 through 11, we find Paul's personal joy in
the experience of the Gospel. His intense grasp of the
objective facts which are the Christian's confidence!
He explains WHY the Christian faces perse ...

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