Ever With The Lord (SO Ever With The Lord We Shall Be) by Jesse Hendley

The Radio Evangelistic News March - April 1979

Jesse M. Hendley
John 5:24, Revelation 19:11-16

The other day I was in a downtown building on the
first floor waiting for the elevator to go up. A
gentleman walked up and stood waiting for the same
elevator. I had just come directly from home where I
had spent two whole days studying the New Testament
about our future meeting with Christ, all of us who
believe in and love Him. My heart was so full of the
sweetness of that tremendous moment that I burst out
involuntarily, "Can you imagine what it would be like
to be called into the Presence of Christ five minutes
from now?" There was a quiet pause and then this
gentleman exclaimed, "What a profound thought!" It is
gloriously true, for it is written, "So shall we ever
be with the Lord."

This verse, at the close of First Thessalonians 4, is
one of the greatest in the Bible. It is one of my
favorites. While preaching in Park Avenue Baptist,
Nashville, I mentioned that it was one of my favorite
verses in all the Bible. A few days later my wife and
I and the pastor were having a noon meal at the home
of a member of the church, and the hostess presented
me with a plaque upon which were burned into the wood
these precious words, "So shall we ever be with the
Lord." I treasure it! Every time I glance at it my
heart leaps for joy at the anticipation of that
approaching moment when I shall meet JESUS!

The Meaning of the Words

Every word is fraught with sweetness to the believer's
soul. The Greek order is meaningful.

SO. The Greek word means "in this way, thus."

EVER. "At all times." How long shall we be with
Christ? Forever!

WITH. "Companionship, association." We shall be the
Lord's attendants, companions, colleagues, and even
nearer (as we shall see).

THE LORD. "Jesus Christ, the Son of God," our Saviour,
Friend and Companion forever!


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