The Present Condition Of The Church---a Sign Of The Times by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
II Timothy 3

Will you turn with me, friends, to Second Timothy 3,
and we are dealing today with the present CONDITION OF
THE CHURCH as a sign of the times in which we live,
and, we believe, of the soon coming of our Lord Jesus

You know, we are living in strange days. More people
belong to the church than ever before in history. The
published account of the numbers of people joining
churches is amazing. And yet, with it all, there is so
little of REAL CHRISTIANITY. That is my experience as
an evangelist. To many people today "church
membership" is simply an adjunct to life, something
added to the ordinary affairs of life, just one facet
of life.

But in the New Testament, Christianity and Salvation
are everything! Allegiance to Jesus is everything!
Christ, in the words of Paul, is ALL! Christ is ALL to
every child of God. Jesus is LORD; He is the Master
and we are the slaves, bondslaves. The one thing in
our lives is to DO THE WILL of our blessed Lord.
The world is tugging at the church today. Much of it
is because THE DOCTRINES OF THE BIBLE are not believed
and preached, in all of their purity as we find them
in the Bible,

The Creation of the World BY THE SPOKEN UTTERANCE OF
GOD is taught in the Bible. But today "evolution" is
in the minds of the people, and people either directly
doubt the creation of the world by the spoken word of
God, or, they just don't think much about it. They
take the Bible as being just another book and filled
with errors. But the Bible teaches that THE WORLD WAS
CREATED by the SPOKEN word of God.

The Bible teaches the doctrine of Original Sin, that
men are BORN sinful.

The Bible teaches the Total Depravity of every human
heart, that no person is capable of saving himself, of
coming to God and heaven by changing himself; that he
needs an Agency outside of himself to change hi ...

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