The Man Whom God Chooses Cannot Be Lost by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 6:39

In John 6:39 Jesus is talking, "This is the Father's
will Which hath sent me, that of all which He hath
Given Me I should lose nothing," (literally, I shall
not lose it.) "The will of the Father is that I won't
lose any that He has given to Me." "But should raise
it up again at the last day."

A Day of Eternity

There is coming a last day, friends, a day of
eternity. Peter closes his epistle in II Peter with "a
day of eternity." There is coming a last day of this
messy, lost, unbelieving, dangerous, sinful, wicked
world. Then will come the day of eternity. A day will
dawn that will have no sunset and will never end.

Jesus Christ says, "It is the will of the Father that
everyone that He gave to Me before the foundation of
the world will come to Me and I shall lose not a one
of them, and I shall raise it up at the last day and
they shall spend eternity with Me." You talk about
profound utterances, friend! How trivial are the usual
thoughts that crowd our minds when we come to these
profound utterances of our Lord Jesus Christ in the

The Opener of Hearts

In Acts 16:14 we read about Lydia, "whose heart the
Lord opened, that she attended unto the things which
were spoken by Paul." The Apostle Paul didn't save
souls. We know of the greatness of Paul, among the
greatest Christians who ever lived if not the
greatest, but his preaching did not save souls. We
know preaching did not open Lydia's heart. The Lord
had to do it.

If the Lord does not open your heart, then all my
words are useless. They are nothing. So we depend
utterly upon Him. We say, "Lord, I can't, but you
can," and when it happens we are going to be sure that
He gets all the praise, honor and glory, for the Lord
is the opener of hearts to even listen to the Truth.
Most people today aren't even listening to the Truth.

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