People Who Have A Heart Like God's by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 2:1-6

Today I would like to think about "People Who Have a
Heart like God's," Godlike people. When I say God-
like, I do not mean perfect people but those who
manifest God's characteristics because they have
God's nature. All saved people have God's nature and
should be revealing His life. When they believed on
Christ, they were born of God. The Spirit of God
came into their hearts and they received something
from God they didn't receive from their parents.
They received God-like LIFE, a super-earthly life, a
life like that which is lived in heaven, the quality
of life God lives. It is eternal because God-like
life cannot cease; it goes on living forever!

Now this God-like kind of life is self-revealing. It
cannot be hid. The person possessing it will
manifest it in his daily life. He will not live a
perfect life, for all Christians possess a fallen
nature inherited from Adam. (The Apostle Paul said,
"I am not yet perfect.") But because the God-like
life is stronger than the flesh, the Christian by
the power of the Holy Spirit will manifest it in his
daily life.

In Ephesians 2:1 we read, "Be ye imitators of God as
dear children." What does it mean to imitate God? It
means to live the way God lives. We are instructed
to think, speak and act like God! Though we cannot
do this as perfectly as God and all beings in
heaven, there is to be a resemblance, and people
with whom we come in contact should see a likeness
to God and a heavenly atmosphere pervading our
lives. In coming in contact with us, people should
be coming in contact with God and heaven!

Imitators of God! Some entertainers can imitate
other people almost perfectly. When you see and hear
them you are reminded startlingly of the people they
are imitating, usually some outstanding person in
the world's eyes. Now Christians are to be so much
like God and Christ that ...

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