Deliverence From This Present Evil World by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Galatians 1:4

If you have your Bibles, friends, turn with me,
please, to Galatians 1:4. We are taking it verse by
verse, so study along with us. Don't miss a broadcast;
because we are giving you what God says about the way
of salvation His Word will build up in your heart. You
will know the true way of salvation and have His Word
as your assurance. We have already dealt with the
background of this Letter to the Galatians, how Paul
preached Christ alone and faith in Him, and along came
some false teachers and told the people they must ALSO
keep the Law of Moses to be saved.

Now let me call your attention to verses 3 and 4. "Our
Lord Jesus Christ, Who gave Himself for our sins that
He might DELIVER US from this present evil age,
according to the will of God and our Father, to Whom be
glory forever and ever."


"That He might DELIVER" is literally, "That He might
RESCUE." We learn here the horrible condition of men
in this world. Men are born with a sinful nature and
live in a sinful world. They are born IMPRISONED in
what God calls AN EVIL WORLD. Now the world doesn't
see this. They are in prison and don't know it.
Unsaved people do not know they are imprisoned in what
God calls "the world." "The world" is that which is
the very opposite of what God is. "The world" is God's
enemy and man's enemy. We are going to study more
about this in a moment.


But, remember, Jesus gave HIMSELF for our sins. He
settled our sin-question on the Cross-by dying for us.
He did for us what keeping commandments and ceremonies
could never do, and in dying for us HE DELIVERED US
(those of us who believe in Him) from this world, this
prison. Those who have not believed on the Lord Jesus
Christ are still in prison. Paul said, "You will never
be delivered from the prison of this world by keeping
commandments and going through religio ...

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