Why Don't People Come To Christ? by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley

I believe in God. I believe the Bible is His Word. I
believe there is a heaven. I believe there is a hell.
I believe the wages of sin is death, as the Bible
teaches. I believe that God has made a way to heaven,
in His love, through the Blood of His own Son! I
believe that faith in Jesus, trust in Jesus, is the
way Home to God. I am a BELIEVER, and I'm glad I am.
I'm glad that God spoke to my heart one day and showed
me my lost condition and Jesus as my Saviour. I pray
God this morning, whoever you are who may be listening
in, if you are not saved, that you will think on
heavenly things, the real values, the things that will
abide, the things that count, and that you will see
your danger of being without CHRIST, and that you will

I want to raise this question, why don't men come to
Christ? Why don't people come to the Lord Jesus?

We read over in Isaiah 53, "He is despised and
REJECTED of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with
grief." He is despised and rejected of men . . . who?
JESUS. Jesus is rejected by men. He is being rejected
today. As Christians we sometimes ask the question,
why is it hard to win people TO CHRIST? It always HAS
been. It never HAS been easy to win people to Christ.
It never WILL be. I wonder why it is when I get to
preach that EVERYBODY doesn't come and be saved! I
preach in a revival meeting; there are lost people
there; why doesn't every lost person come and accept
Jesus? I preach on the radio. People listen. I talked
to a man the other day who has heard me preach for
years, but he is NOT SAVED. Others have been saved.
But my preaching hasn't had any effect on that man. He
has heard enough Gospel to save ten thousand people
ten thousand times. But he isn't SAVED. WHY? Why don't
people come to Christ?

We have the answer here in the Book of Isaiah. Isaiah
tells us that that would ...

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