Popular Delusions Of Unsaved People (3 of 4) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Acts 28:27

I want to speak to you again, friends, about Popular
Delusions of the Unsaved. That is, that they can
trifle in the things of God and delay in the matter of
salvation. What I am trying to get over is the awful,
terrible danger that people do not realize IN
DELAYING, till they see the Lord Jesus with all their
hearts as Saviour and Lord. I hope this will be a
warning to every soul that hasn't yet received Christ
as Saviour and Lord. You that are Christians, I want
you to pray definitely that God will bless as the Word
of God goes out today, that people will not refuse
today to receive the Son of God.


Now here is a Popular Delusion: "I can change my heart
and affections when I get good and ready."

What I am trying to say is, you need GOD in this
thing. It takes two in this matter of salvation: God
and man. It takes GOD to do the work, and it takes man
to do the believing and the coming to God.

In Ezekiel 11 God says, "I will put a new spirit
within you (God does it) and will give you a heart of
flesh." That is, a sympathetic, loving heart that will
love Me. So we learn a new heart and spirit is A GIFT
OF GOD, not simply a work of man. You cannot come to
God any old time you want to, and with your
affections, love God! If you make an enemy of God, and
turn your back on Him, if you commit spiritual
suicide, if you harden your heart too long, then you
will be in a desperate condition.

You say, "Well, God says, Whosoever WILL, let him
come." That's just it friends, the time comes when you
WON'T WILL to come to God. You will have so hardened
yourself that you won't WANT to come to the Lord
Jesus. A new heart and spirit is a gift of God, not
the works of a man.

God does say, to be sure, in this SEEMING contradict-
ion of terms, "Make you a new heart." That is His
command. But you cannot do it witho ...

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