People Who Wait Eagerly For The Adoption by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 8:23

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to
the book of Romans. Our subject is the solving of all
our problems, the ultimate solution to all of our
problems. We encounter many problems in this world,
but we have Somebody to take care of them for us when
we make Jesus Saviour and Lord of our lives. He
undertakes to help us. We have problems, but He helps
us in and through them. He says, "Lo I am with you
always" and He promises that none of them shall over-
whelm us. Nevertheless, we have problems, we have
trials, difficulties, questionings, pain, suffering,
and "we groan." The ultimate and final answer to all
our problems is this statement found in Romans 8:23,
waiting for the adoption," that is, "the redemption
of our bodies.”

Now in this we have people whom God adopts as His own
children. The theme of this particular area of Romans
8 is the coming glory to the child of God. We cannot
keep our eyes off the goal. The full glory is not to
be had in this present world. We are approaching it.
When we become Christians that does not answer all of
our problems. We are going to have problems as long as
we are in this life. But, the Lord will give us
victory over them by His presence and the power of the
Holy Spirit of God, with faith in the Lord Jesus
Christ. This is the only way to have victory. We WILL
have problems, but we are talking about getting rid of
ALL our problems. The ultimate answer to them, to all
problems, is found in this expression, "the adoption"
that we are looking forward to.


Now, think with me for a moment about groaning
creation in these two verses of Romans 8. We have,
first of all, in verse 22 the groaning creation, for
in verse 22 he says, "We know that the whole creation
groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now."

He is talking about suffering creation. A ...

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