Egypt In The Millennium (5 of 5) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 11:4-12, 19:18-25; Zechariah 14:16-20

Now friends, if you have your Bible, turn with me to
the Book of the Revelation, chapter 11, verse 8, and
today we are taking up the study of EGYPT IN THE
MILLENNIUM, her future conversion, her friendship with
Israel, and God's dealings with her in the coming
great Millennium. Egypt has a glorious future!

Egypt and Jerusalem, Spiritually Sodom

In Revelation 11 we read of the Tribulation Period and
of the TWO WITNESSES standing up and witnessing for
the Lord in the city of Jerusalem at the very throne
of Antichrist. They are killed by Antichrist. Verse 8:
"Their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the
great city which spiritually is called Sodom and
Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified."

Jerusalem is called by God and heaven "Sodom and
Egypt." In the Tribulation Period Jerusalem will be as
rotten, as dirty, as filthy in the eyes of God as
Sodom was, and Sodom was so dirty that God burned it
down to the bare earth.

Notice, Egypt too, is linked with Sodom. It means that
these two places, Jerusalem and Egypt, in the time of
the Tribulation will be exceedingly vile in the eyes
of the living God. Egypt is spiritually called
"Sodom." Jerusalem is spiritually, called "Sodom." And
there wasn't a more horrible word than "Sodom" for
such profligacy and sin, iniquity, adultery and
homosexuality so horrible that God said, "The cry of
Sodom is come up into My ears," and in judgment He
burned it to the ground! Abraham pled with God and
said, "if there be ten righteous in the city of Sodom,
will You spare the city for the sake of the righteous
ten?" God said He would. But He could not find even
ten righteous persons! Such was the wickedness of

Now God's Word says that Egypt in the Tribulation will
be just as bad as Sodom, and Jerusalem just as bad as
Sodom. What is ...

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