Egypt In The Tribulation Period (4 of 5) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Daniel 11:36-44

Friends, turn with me to the Book of Daniel, chapter
11, and verse 35. Today we are studying EGYPT'S

In verses 21-35 we have a description of Antiochus
Epiphanes, king of Syria, who reigned from 175-164 B.
C. He persecuted the Jews and killed 400,000 in
Jerusalem. He desecrated the Jewish Temple by burning
a sow upon the sacred altar. He is a type of the
coming Antichrist who also will persecute the Jews
and profane and desecrate the Temple.

Beginning with verse 36 and going through 12:3, the
prophecy leaps over many centuries to the desecration
of the Temple by the Antichrist in the End-time and
the beginning of the Great Tribulation Period.
Chapter 12 says, "At that time. . ."

Sometimes in the Old Testament there are gaps in the
prophecies. The text will be talking about one thing,
then suddenly leap a long span of years, even
centuries. Here is such a case. After speaking of
Antiochus Epiphanes, the prophecy suddenly refers to
the Antichrist, yet future, who will appear on the
scene at the Time of the End.

Beginning with verse 36 we read, "And the king. . ."
This refers to the Antichrist, called "The Little
Horn" in Daniel 7, "The Wild Beast" in Revelation 13,
and "The Man of Sin" in Second Thessalonians 2. The
Antichrist is coming and will be the dominating
figure the latter three and a half years of the
Tribulation Period, just before Jesus comes to earth

We are going to see that Egypt will have a place in
the Time of the End, that the Egyptians will attack
him, and then he will invade and conquer Egypt in the
Tribulation Period.

The Power of Antichrist

Verse 36, "And the king shall do according to his
will." Antichrist will be irresistibly powerful for
three and a half years. Nobody will be able to stand
in his w ...

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