Why God Judged Egypt (3 of 5) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Ezekiel 29, 30

Now turn with me to Ezekiel, chapter 29. We are
studying EGYPT IN BIBLE PROPHECY. We began in Genesis
and moved on to Isaiah and Jeremiah, and today we
come to great prophecies concerning Egypt in Ezekiel
29 and 30.

Israel, in distress, had gone down into Egypt in
disobedience to the command of God. Egypt at that
time was a major, ruling world power, and Israel
trusted Egypt for protection and security instead of
the Lord her God.

Three Things God Disliked

In these two chapters God speaks of terrible judgment
coming upon Egypt. Why? Three things. First, Pharaoh,
the king of Egypt, claimed to be the creator of
Egypt's greatness. He did not give the glory to God.
He even claimed to be the creator of the Nile River.
Second, the land of Egypt was filled with idols, and
God said, "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."
Third, Israel was trusting in Egypt's power instead
of God's, and must be taught the lesson not to trust
in nations and ignore God. Therefore, God said He
would bring judgment upon Egypt.

Three Things God Would Do

God said He would do three things. First, He would
punish Egypt's pride and idolatry by sending
Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, to bring her down
from being a powerful nation to a minor nation.
Nebuchadnezzar would attack Egypt and slay many
people and bring Egypt down. Second, after forty
years, God would restore Egypt. But, third, Egypt
would never again be a major world power. And, my
friends, she never has been since that invasion, and
she never will be a major power again.

So you see how God is looking at the situation today
in the Middle East. God never changes in His moral
principles and attitudes. Whatever you find God doing
IN PRINCIPLE, He will always do.

Pharaoh's Pride

In chapter 29, verse 2, God says to Ezekiel, "Son of
man, set thy face against Pharao ...

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