Israel, Arabs And The Middle East In Light Of Prophetical Scriptures (3 of 4) by Jesse Hendley

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Israel, the Arabs, and the Middle East in the light
of the prophetical Scriptures (3 of 4)
The Radio Evangelistic News March-April 1974
Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 12

Israel, the Arabs and the Middle East in the light of
the prophetical Scriptures!

Israel Trodden Down

We found that out of the Middle East is coming the
world's greatest blessing---from Egypt, Israel and
Assyria. Isaiah 19:25.

We found that before that time Israel will be "trodden
down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles
be fulfilled." "The times of the Gentiles began with
Nebuchadnezzar coming from Babylon and taking Judah
captive. From that time until Jesus comes again Israel
will be trodden down by her enemies. Daniel 12 reveals
that her greatest suffering is yet ahead; a time of
trouble such as was never on the face of the earth.

We found that a mighty nation, north of Israel (which
must be Russia) will invade the land of Israel but
will be destroyed by God Himself and the invading
armies will be buried there in the land of Israel.
Ezekiel 38 and 39. It will take seven months to bury
the dead and seven years to clear away the war

After Russia is destroyed (evidently it will be this
way), the Antichrist will rise to the height of his
power and he will be the next to tread Israel beneath
His feet. At the beginning of the Tribulation Period,
the Antichrist will make a covenant with Israel for a
seven-year period. The first three and a half years he
will be kind to them. It is at the end of that period
that Russia will make her invasion and then be
destroyed by God Almighty. At the end of this first
three and a half years, Antichrist will tear off his
mask and turn against Israel with great fury and seek
to destroy her utterly. Beyond this, Israel will
suffer even more persecution from the nations of the

Revelation 12 - Israel

Let us look at Revela ...

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