The Life Of Victory By The Indwelling Spirit by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 8:1-4

Will you turn with me, friends, to the 8th chapter of
the Epistle to the Romans, and we are studying today
one of the greatest chapters in the Bible.

But before we go into it, let me remind you that in
the close of the 7th chapter we have the truth about
the Law. In James 2:10 we read, "Whosoever shall keep
the whole Law and yet stumble in one point is become
guilty of all." What a condemning statement that is!
Can any man alive say honestly that he has never
stumbled? That he has not disobeyed the Law even once?
To an honest mind, as Paul's, there was only one
answer and that was No. He had broken God's Law and
therefore was condemned. Then any true happiness or
relief had to come from elsewhere, and this Paul
sought AND FOUND in CHRIST. He says, crying out in
Romans 7, "O wretched man that I am, who shall DELIVER
ME. ..." Notice, he didn't say WHAT, but WHO; a
Person! He needed A PERSON to deliver him. Then he
shouts out in verse 26, "I thank God, THROUGH JESUS
Who shall DELIVER him? JESUS CHRIST. So the last verse
of chapter 7 marks the point at which the burden, that
lay upon his conscience, rolled away! And the next
chapter begins with an uplifting of the heart, because
he has found peace and serenity IN CHRIST!

"There is therefore now no condemnation to them that
are in Christ Jesus." So, a new order of things has
superceded the Law! The gloomy period of the Law, Paul
says, has ended, "Christ is the END of the Law for
righteousness, to everyone that believeth." Paul's
life under Grace reveals the difference between life
under law and life under Grace. Just look at him
before and after; or between his contemporaries and
himself. His new happiness, his bounding joy, his
victory, his peace, his power, and the energy released
for service, his victory over perils ...

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