Giving Gifts And God's Gift To Us by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 2

Friends, I want to speak to you now on the subject of
GIVING. Let us think about three things. First, our
gifts to one another. Second, our gifts to Christ.
Third, Christ's gifts to us.

Giving is a great part of life---giving and
receiving. God's Word says, "It is more blessed to
give than to receive." That is really true.

Gifts usually express love. Now I know that sometimes
that is corrupted, as when people give gifts to
another with an ulterior motive, for what they can
receive back. The motives may be mixed; thinking of
one's self rather than the other person. But what we
are thinking about today is the subject of real
giving, a gift of love, a gift of deep appreciation,
of affection, of genuine love to another. This is
what I mean when I say that gifts express love, in
contrast with giving that expects to be given, in
return. Our Lord reminds us in the Bible of people
who had a feast and invited all their well-to-do
friends because they in turn would invite them to a
feast. He urged them to welcome to their feasts those
who could not reciprocate and return the favor---the
maimed, the halt, and the needy. That is genuine

Love Gifts to One Another

It is a pleasure to receive a gift. It is a better
thing to give a gift, just out of love for someone. I
have known of people who gave gifts to others and
would not let them know from whence the gift came.
The donor did not want to be known. He just rejoiced
that the recipient was blessed with the gift. That is
a beautiful spirit indeed.

We have all had gifts to come unto us. I remember
with deep gratitude receiving a very wonderful gift
at the time I was leaving my church to go out into
the evangelistic field. The people presented me with
the keys to a new automobile so that I could travel
in my evangelistic work and put my books and clothes
in it and go to the meet ...

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