What Does It Mean To Be Converted? by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 10:9-10

Turn with me, friends, to Romans 10:9 and 10. Today
we are going to study what CONVERSION means. What
does it mean to be CONVERTED? We read much about
being converted. The word CONVERT means to TURN TO.
To turn to Christ with all your heart and life!

The word conversion is NOT synonymous with
reformation. Reformation or reform means that you
change on the outside; conversion means that you
change inside. It is not sufficient that a drunkard
simply stop drinking. It is not sufficient that a
lustful man cease his lustful ways. It is not
sufficient that a man who is dishonest in business
cease his dishonesty and begin to live upright and
clean and honest. All of these things are
reformation, not conversion. And REFORMATION never
saved anyone, never brought anyone to heaven. Of
course, a converted person WILL reform. But
conversion is DIFFERENT from reformation. Conversion
is a COMPLETE change, a complete surrender to
Christ. When you are converted, you will do what
CHRIST wants you to do! If you have not made a
complete surrender to doing Christ's will, all your
religious activity will not help you, though you
reform DAILY and get your name on every church roll
in the land.

You say, "How can I be converted and know it?"
God Himself tells you how. He has made it plain for
you. There are two things for you to do to be
converted. First, BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART. Second,
CONFESS WITH YOUR MOUTH. Believe in your heart about
Jesus! Confess Jesus as your Saviour with your
mouth. Both are necessary for salvation. God will
not lower the bars to let any man slip into heaven
any other way. You MUST believe in Christ, and you
MUST confess Christ. You cannot short-change God.


Many of you are saying, "I do believe, and have
believed for many years." Then why, my friends,
don't you CONFESS Christ? Why not admit the truth,

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