Do You Know Jesus Christ? by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley

I want to ask you a question. "Do you know Jesus
Christ?" Do you know Him?

Now we are not talking about things. We are talking
about the very essence of salvation. YOUR SALVATION.
There is nothing more important than the salvation of
your soul or my soul. And what is salvation? Knowing
Christ! Whatever so-called Gospel leaves Christ out is
not the Gospel at all. In fact, it is a cursed thing.
Christ is the only Way.

There are seven "I Am's" in the Gospel of John.

I am the Bread of Life.
I am the Light of the world.
I am the Good Shepherd.
I am the Resurrection.
I am the Way.
I am the Vine.
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Jesus constantly says, "I am." He is everything and
means everything to us. We must have Him if we are
going to have peace in our souls. It is a wonderful
thing to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to know that

Charles Dickens once wrote in a letter to his youngest
boy when leaving home to join his brother in
Australia, "Try to do to others as you would have them
do to you. Do not be discouraged if they fail
sometimes. It is much better for you that they should
fail in obeying the greatest rule laid down by our
Saviour, than you should. I put a New Testament among
your books for the very same reasons, and with the
very same hopes, that made me write an easy account of
it for you when you were a little child, because it is
the best Book that ever was, or ever will be, known in
the world, and because it teaches you the best lessons
by which any human creature who tries to be truthful
and faithful to duty can possibly be guided. As your
brothers have gone away one by one, I have written to
each such words as I am now writing to you, and have
entreated them all to guide themselves by this Book,
putting aside the interpretation and inventions of
men. You will remember that you have never at home
been harass ...

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