Where Art Thou? by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Genesis 3:9, Genesis 4:10, I Samuel 30:13

Today I want to give you three searching questions
from the Word of God, directed to unconverted sinners.
Let me ask you first, however, what your chances are
of going to heaven. An inquiring photographer of The
New York News asked the following question of seven
persons: "What are your chances of going to heaven
when you die?" Judging from their answers, only one
out of the seven had the faintest idea of the Way of
Heaven, and even he confused it with his good works.

The first person said that she had no personal chance,
but because her father was a good man and she knew
he'd put in a good word for her, she knew she had a
great chance.

The second person made a joke of the question and
answered that his chances were pretty slim because he
couldn't play a harp.

The third person said her chances were about one out
of twelve, but she didn't tell why.

The fourth said she spent so much of her time in
taxicabs and had had so many close calls that her
chances of being hit and going to heaven seemed

The fifth said the requirements for admission into
heaven were beyond his poor limitations, yet this same
person said that the Bible holds out one big hope for
all poor sinners, and that is if you do good you would
get there somehow by the grace of God.

The sixth person said, "How can I possibly tell?" And
she asked her husband.

When the husband was asked, he said she had a good
chance because she joined the church of her own

All seven persons IGNORED THE SAVIOUR! One would think
they had never heard of the LORD JESUS CHRIST WHO DIED
BRING US TO GOD. There are so many people who have no
inkling in the world why they might go to heaven. Some
people hardly ever think of heaven. Some talk about it
occasionally. But as far as having any REAL HOPE of

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