Entanglements! by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 25:15

Friends, I want to speak to you now on the subject,
25:15 we read these words, "Mine eyes are ever toward
the Lord. He shall pluck my feet out of the net."
Here is a man, the Psalmist, who is in sin. Sin is all
over the pages of this book. He talks about his sins,
his sins, his sins. In verse II, "For Thy name's sake,
0 Lord, pardon mine iniquity for it is great." And he
says in verse 7, "Remember not the sins of my youth."
And on down the line you can tell that SIN is the
thing that is causing him TROUBLE. When he says, "Mine
eyes are ever toward the Lord; He shall pluck my feet
out of the net," he says, "I feel like an animal with
its feet in a net, like an animal that has been caught
in a net, entangled and cannot get out." So we have
the resultant meaning, "entanglements," and how to GET
OUT of them!

Examples of Entanglement
A Young Wife

It is a terrible thing to get into entanglements. The
other day I was in a certain city in a revival
meeting, and the pastor and I were talking together
just before the service in his office. There came a
rap at the door. A young man came in, and over in the
corner he talked to the preacher. I could hear the
conversation but I could not hear what was being said;
nor was I trying, because I was interested in my
message. But when he got through, the preacher said,
"You see that young man going out the door?"

I said, "Yes."

He said, "It's a tragic circumstance that young man
has not been married long. He has a beautiful wife,
and the other day he trailed his wife and the man she
works for to a certain rendezvous, and the police
found out that his wife is unfaithful to him."

There is an ENTANGLEMENT! A terrible circumstance. A
young girl, secretary in an office, in an entanglement
with the man who is her employer. What a TRAGEDY it

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