Dead Or Alive To God by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 2:1-7

If you have your Bibles, turn with me to Ephesians,
chapter 2. I want to share with you an outline that I
think will be helpful to you. It's such a rich
blessing to me. It relates to real salvation. As far
as I am concerned, this is the heart of the entire
Bible, particularly in the New Testament and
specifically in Paul's writings concerning God's great
plan of salvation for us.

I want to entitle my thoughts, "Dead or Alive to God."
In this great letter to the Ephesians, which many of
our greatest minds believe is the very top of the
revelation that God gave to the Apostle Paul, He
presents to us an outline of what it really means to
be saved. As an evangelist of 62 years, I am seeing
today what it means to be saved.

I knew a lady who had been a member of a church for 30
years. She said, "Every time the preacher walks out on
the platform I wonder if I'm saved or not." The
trouble is, she doesn't know the Gospel, or if she
knows it she doesn't believe it. I'm not depending on
my preacher, myself, or anybody else for assurance of
salvation. I'm depending on what is in the Word of God
and that's settled.

Now the outline---In Ephesians 2: 1-3, He tells us
what we were, how we came into this world, and that we
were born dead. Every little baby is alive physically,
but dead to God. He must be born again. He has had a
first birth, but he must have a second. Everybody
needs a second birth. God sees a lot of living bodies
with dead souls, people who are dead to God, heaven,
and eternal life.


In verse 4 He presents this to us. He is rich in mercy
and great in love.


In verses 5 and 6, when we were saved "He quickened us
(made us alive) raised us and sat us together in
heavenly places in Christ."


In verse 7 He shows that God's salvation is for
eternity. "In the ages to come He'll ...

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