Where Does God Live? by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Corinthians 6:15, 19; Ephesians 2:17-22

Friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me,
please, to First Corinthians 6 and also to Ephesians
2. We are studying together today, "Where Does God

If I were to walk down the street, and ask people,
"Where does God Live?" I think nearly everyone would
say, "In heaven."

Well, there is a sense in which God does dwell in
heaven. In the Model Prayer, (commonly called "The
Lord's Prayer") we read, "Our Father which art in
heaven," but literally in the Greek it is "Our Father
which art in THE HEAVENS (plural). It means that God

There are three heavens. First the atmosphere that
surrounds us. There is a heaven beyond that and above
us---the stars and all the heavenly bodies, but beyond
all that is the third heaven, or the dwelling place of
God Himself.


Now in that passage, "Our Father which art in the
heavens," we learn that God is in ALL the heavens. He
is everywhere, dwelling in heaven with the angels and
also here with us on this earth. Now, WHERE DOES GOD


Let us go back to the Old Testament. We see in Genesis
that God dwelt in the Garden of Eden with Adam and
Eve. God came down to walk with them in the cool of
the day. God had fellowship with man, and man had
fellowship with God. So God at that time walked with
man. But man sinned against God, and the original
fellowship was destroyed. IN THE WILDERNESS
God revealed His Law at Mount Sinai and man
immediately broke it. But God in His mercy and love,
instead of banishing Israel and destroying them, He
planned the tabernacle in the wilderness.

You remember that tabernacle, that tent. You remember
that He led the people by a pillar of fire by night
and a cloud by day. At that time he was dwelling with
His people. He did it to comfort, to protect, and to
lead them. In the tabernacle, God wa ...

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