Put To Death In Flesh, Made Alive In Spirit by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Peter 3:18

Friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to
First Peter 3-18, and we are studying this marvelous
passage of Scripture that I hope will be a blessing to
your own heart.

You know, we are interested in the future world. The
other day I was speaking to a group of Sunday School
workers in one of our churches in Atlanta, a large
group of friends who labor in that wonderful Sunday
School work, getting people out to Sunday School and
into the Church, and the Sunday School certainly is
the greatest evangelistic opportunity in any given
church, and people who visit certainly will have a
wonderful work if they only pay that price. But
anyway, at the close of the meeting a gentleman came
up to me and said, "Where do people go when they die?
Where do Christians go when they die?"

And of course, I called his attention to Second
Corinthians 5:8, "To be absent from the body is to be
present with the Lord." I showed him that immediately
when we leave this world, we are in the Presence of
Jesus. Instantly. No interval between whatsoever.

There were two gentlemen, in fact, standing there.
People are interested in that question.
Not long ago I had a letter from a lady who said, "My
husband died. Where did he go? He was a Christian."

Now we theorize about it, and have generalizations
about it, but actually people want to know, "What does
THE BIBLE TEACH about where our loved ones go when
they die?"

Now here is an interesting thing, because our Lord is
the Representative of the human race. He called
Himself "the Son of Man," and by that He identified
Himself with mankind. Jesus' marvelous identification
with us!

Now in this passage we learn what happened to Him,
when He died. We are going to go into that right now.
I am just going to read for you briefly verse 18 and
then verse 19. "Because Christ also suffered for sins
onc ...

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