The World's Sin Paid For By Christ And The Appropriation Of The Blood Of Christ by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Mark 10:32

The Sacrifice of Jesus is the foundation truth of the
Bible. God has said to us in the Old Testament and the New
that there is no other way of salvation. All through the
Old Testament God tells us that it is BLOOD that cleanses
from sin and brings us to God and that BLOOD ALONE can do
it, and it is our only hope of salvation.

In Mark 10:32 our Lord Jesus bears witness to the Blood as
the only way. He tells us again and again as we read the
record through that He must go to Jerusalem and DIE, that
He is going to be delivered into the hands of the Gentiles,
that He came into the world for the express purpose of
dying for men's SINS. "And they were in the way going up to
Jerusalem, and Jesus went before them and they were amazed.
As they followed, they were afraid. He took again the
Twelve and began to tell them what things should happen
unto Him, saying, Behold, we go up to Jerusalem and the Son
of Man shall be delivered into the chief priests and unto
the scribes and they shall condemn Him to death and shall
deliver Him to the Gentiles, and they shall mock Him and
shall scourge Him and shall spit upon Him and shall kill
Him, and the third day He shall rise again."

There is the Lord Jesus, making plain that the one purpose
for which He came into the world was TO DIE. He makes it
plain unto His disciples.

Again in Mark, chapter 14 and verse 22, we read these
words. He is at the Last Passover, before He died. "And as
they did eat, Jesus took bread and blessed it and brake it
and gave to them and said, Take, eat; this is My Body. And
He took the cup, and when He had given thanks He gave it to
them, and they all drank of it. And He said unto them, this
is My Blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many.
Verily, I say unto you, I will drink no more of the fruit
of the vine till that day ...

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