Christians Carry The Only Light That Can Guide Souls To Heaven by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 42:6

You know, in Isaiah, chapter 42 and verse 6, God is
speaking to His Son Who was to come into this world.
"I the Lord have called Thee in righteousness and
will hold Thine Hand and Keep Thee for a covenant of
the people for a Light of the Gentiles." There is a
prophecy about Christ, some 500 or 600 years before
He was ever born. God called Him. God held His Hand
(that is, took care of Him, kept Him). God gave Him
for a Covenant, and God gave Him for a Light to the
Gentiles: a Covenant to Israel, and a Light to the
Gentile nations of earth. There we find that God had
the Gentile nations in mind as He blessed Israel
with His Light and Illumination.

Now there is a wonderful statement about the Lord
Jesus Christ AS LIGHT. When Christ came into the
world He brought LIGHT, a Light that was not in the
world before! What sort of Light was Christ? He was
the Light to open the blind eyes, to bring out the
prisoners from prison, to them that sit in darkness
out of the prison house. That is Isaiah 42:7. He is
speaking here of a spiritual realm. Spiritual eyes,
that were blinded, cannot see God and heaven and the
unseen world, hell. Men are chained in the prison
house of SIN, bound by passions and lusts and wrong
desires, prisoners to the devil and hell. Christ
came to deliver them! Christ did not come simply to
redeem Israel; He came AS A LIGHT to the Gentile
nations of earth, which means all the nations of

"And He said. Is it a light thing that Thou
shouldest be My servant, to rise up the tribes of
Jacob and to restore the preserved of Israel. I will
also give Thee for a Light to the Gentiles, that
Thou mayest be 'My salvation unto the end of the
earth." So there we find that Jesus came not only
with a ministry to ISRAEL, to Israel's Messiah and
King, but that He had a ministry to the Gentiles,
and ...

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