How We May Know That The Bible Is The Word Of God by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ephesians 3:20

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me to
Ephesians 3 and verse 20. The text "According to the power
that worketh in us. "Question. How may we know the Bible is
the Word of God? Now this is one of the most important
things we can ever settle in our minds. The other day I was
in a revival meeting in a certain city in Alabama and a
Christian brother came to me at the close of the meeting
and said, "I have a young lady whom I am trying to win to
the Lord and she is coming to the services. She has a
problem. She is honest, has an inquiring mind, and keeps
asking me the question, "How may I know that the Bible Is
the Word of God?" I said, "May I talk to her? Is it
possible for her to come and see me?" He said, "Yes, I will
bring her tomorrow night." She came with him and after the
service we went back into a quiet place where we could
talk. I told her to ask any question she may have. She
immediately said, "How may I know that the Bible is the
Word of God?" My friends, many people have questions and
need answers so they may believe and be saved.

I told her I had to settle this in my own mind and that I
had to know the Bible is the Word of God in order that I
might trust the Bible way of salvation. Our hope stands or
falls upon that question of the Bible being the very Word
of God because the day is coming we will leave this world
and our only comfort will be the Word of God. Now this
young lady had had some problems. She was being taught
evolution in school as being fact instead of theory, which
it is. This disturbs a lot of young people and there are
many professors who seemingly delight to break the faith in
the Bible of young people by teaching evolutionary theory.
She also was concerned about the other religions of the
earth. How can other religions, and there are so many of
them be wrong and Christiani ...

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