People Whose Names Are Written In God's Book Of Remembrance by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 4

God Wrote Abraham's Name on the Credit Side of the

Friends, turn with me now to chapter 4 of the Book of
Romans, and we are taking up today one of the most
wonderful studies in the Bible.

In our preceding study, of chapter 3, verses 27 and
28, we had the consequences of the death of Christ. We
found that there is no approach to God by human merit,
for FAITH has no merit, and FAITH is the only approach
to the Living God. The second thing we found was that
Jews and Gentiles and all men are in the same
condition before God and must be saved in the same
way, BY FAITH, because first of all, there is only one
God, of all men. The approach to Him is not by
different roads. FAITH is the only way to approach and
acceptance. So ALL MEN must be saved in the same way
because there is one God, and regardless of color or
background or race or nationality FAITH is the only
way of approach and acceptance before God.

Now when we come to chapter 4 of this marvelous Book
of Romans, we find the proof of this statement, that
there is only one God and faith is the only way of
approach and acceptance with Him. We find the proof
from Old Testament examples of salvation by faith
alone, and Paul presents us with two outstanding men
of history, Abraham and David, and he shows that these
men were saved by faith and faith alone, and he sums
it up by saying it is the ONLY WAY by which YOU AND I
can be saved.

First of all, Paul is dealing with Abraham, and we
have lessons to us from Abraham's life. Then from
David's life. Two of the outstanding, godly men of the
Old Testament period who were saved, and saved by
faith alone.

We begin with verse 1. "What shall we say then, that
Abraham our father as pertaining to the flesh, hath
found?" Paul calls Abraham "our father." He is writing
to believers. Actually, the Greek word ...

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