The Influence Of God's People On The People Of The World (2 of 2) by Jesse Hendley

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WORLD (2 of 2)
Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 5:14-16

If you have your Bibles, turn with me now to Matthew,
chapter 5, and today we are taking up verse 16 of this
wonderful statement of "The Influence of God's People
upon the People of the World." We found out that
influence is fourfold: that of SALT, in preventing the
spread of corruption; then that of LIGHT, illuminating
and showing the way to God and how to walk with God;
we found that influence is like a CITY ON A HILL,
which means safety and refuge from danger, and we
found it is a LAMP IN THE HOME, illuminating and
bringing light and joy and spiritual blessing to all
who are in the house.

Now we come to THE ADMONITION, if all of this is true.
God's Word says, "Even so, let your light shine before
men that they may see your good works and glorify your
Father who is in heaven."

What are we to do with the Light God has given unto
us? (We found that we do not illuminate ourselves,
lighten ourselves. We found that God does the
illuminating). What are we to do?

We have the command here to LET IT SHINE! That means
that the illumination that God gave you, you are to
give to others! The knowledge that God has given you,
you must pass onto others. A Christian grows by
giving. It is one of the amazing things. You grow by
giving! That is the Christian life. That is the thing
that abounds. And there is something about it,
friends, that if you hold in and do not give out, you
wither and die in the spiritual life. But the more you
GIVE OUT of yourself and God's Truth and God's
knowledge and His Word and spiritual blessings and the
more you help others in the name of Jesus in Christian
service, the more you HAVE. The more you give, the
more you have, is the truth of God's Word. There is
the command: "Let your light SHINE. Do not hide it
under a bushel."

Notice here the word "bushel." It signifies e ...

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