The Influence Of God's People On The People Of The World (1 of 2) by Jesse Hendley

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WORLD (1 of 2)
Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 5:1-16

We are beginning today a study on the Christian life
Influence of God's People on the People of the World."
It is an important study we are bringing to you today,
and I hope the Lord will bless our hearts.

You say that you are a child of God and belong to the
Lord Jesus Christ; I say that I am a child of God and
belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. Every servant of the
Lord knows whether he really loves the Lord or not.
Every real servant of the Lord does love the Lord.
We realize that the Christian life is left in this
world for a distinct INFLUENCE. And here we have the
Lord's teaching, the teaching of Jesus Christ Himself,
about the INFLUENCE of His people on the people of
this world. Let's follow through as we reason about
the things of God today.

Now notice here, we have the Beatitudes in the 5th
chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, and in the
Beatitudes God shows that character means everything.
Jesus says that character is the thing that counts---a
certain character, a definite character, a CHRISTIAN
character. Now let's check up and see if we HAVE this
character first of all, for there is no use in talking
about "the people of God" until we define what the
people of God ARE.

Here we find Jesus saying, "Blessed ARE . . . . " Now
He doesn't say what they WILL BE in the future, but
what they are NOW. The Sermon on the Mount is one of
the most challenging studies in the Word of God, for
that reason. It deals with WHAT WE ARE NOW. So often
we think about what we are going to be, and that is
wonderful, for we must keep our eyes on the goal. But
spiritual vision is two-fold: we must keep our eye not
only on the goal but on our present Christian living,
how we are living right now as Christians.

"Blessed ARE . . ." the poor in spirit, they that
m ...

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