People Who Are Like God by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley

We are studying today in the Book of James, a
servant of God. We have been studying about God's
wonderful salvation and the origin of it. We found
that in salvation God implants His divine nature,
and that the implanting of His own Nature in the
hearts of those who believe on His Son is TRUE
SALVATION. Nothing less than this is true salvation.

Now God's Word says that God will be forced to clean
out all who WILL NOT LET HIM change their nature and
be their Father! God is going to clean up this
world! There isn't any doubt about that. And the
ones who WILL NOT LET HIM change their nature and
become their Father---to those He MUST become a
Judge, and He will one day PLACE THEM where they
cannot CORRUPT and harm others by their disbelief in
Him and His Son. Hence that great day called "The
Day of Judgment," that day called "The Judgment to
come," that period of time called in the Bible, "The
Day of the Lord," and "That great Day of God
Almighty." All these are expressions of a tremendous
day when God MUST, being GOD, bring JUDGMENT upon
those who refuse steadfastly to let Him plant within
them His divine nature, by their coming TO JESUS and

This explains that statement of Jesus in the
Gospels, "And all those who would not that I should
reign over them, bring hither and slay them before
Me." Why? Why this drastic JUDGMENT, DESTROYING
people, as far as this physical world is concerned?
Because as long as they are unregenerate and will
not let God put His nature within them, this world
cannot be a world of peace. This world cannot be the
right kind of world, the world it ought to be, the
kind of world God is determined to make it. God then
is not to be blamed for the lostness and doom of
men, because He has made plain to the world what He
wants all men to be, by His love and grace. God has
made it plain. He has declared His lov ...

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