The Correct Attitude Toward Yourself by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Mark 8:36

I want to talk about YOU, this morning, in the light
of God's Holy Word.

You know, God's Word says, SAVE THYSELF. God's Word
says you are to love your own soul. You are to love
others AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. So, "self" is an
important thing.

The word "I" is a dangerous word, in many cases. A
person can be egocentric; that is, "I" centered,
centering all thought and affection and everything
else on self. On the other hand, a person can forget
to love himself enough to save his own soul! What
shall it profit a man though he gain the whole world

The word "I" is an important word in Scripture, when
we consider the word "I" in proper relationship to
God, and to self, and to others. YOU yourself are a

God says you are to LOVE yourself. You are to love
your neighbor AS THYSELF. That doesn't mean to love
your neighbor and stop loving yourself. You are to
love yourself enough to save yourself. Socrates said,
"Know thyself," but God's Word is the only thing that
can reveal to us our true selves.

God's Word says to GIVE yourself. Give yourself, your
body, a living sacrifice unto God, fully and utterly
into God, devoted to God and the Mind of God.
God's Word, says, "KEEP thyself." "Keep thyself pure,"
Paul wrote to Timothy. Keep thyself from sin. Don't
let sin touch you. Keep thyself from impurity that is
in the world today.

God's Word says to SAVE thyself. There is a sense in
which we can save ourselves. Of course, there is no
Saviour but Jesus. He died for our sins. But I want to
remind you that Jesus can't save you IF YOU DON'T, LET
HIM, You must apprehend Jesus. You must lay hold of
what He did for you if you are to be saved. Save
thyself. Friend, have you saved yourself? If you saw
yourself drowning, wouldn't you try to save yourself?
Aren't you valuable to yourself? Why lose your ...

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