Walking With God In The Knowledge Of His Holiness And Love (1 of 2) by Jesse Hendley

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Jesse M. Hendley
Daniel 7:9-13, Revelation 19:11-13, Isaiah 53:10

We came from God and we are going back to God. It would
seem that we would put God first in our lives because He is
the Big One, but most people don't. When we entered the
world, only God was there, as far as any real help was
concerned. We are going out one day, and when we go out,
nobody will be there but the Lord.

I want us to think today about the most important person in
our lives---God. I want to lay out for you five points in
this message.

"God Loves His Son"

The first point is that God loves His Son as no earthly
father could ever love his son. If you are a normal parent,
you love your child.

I have a son. He and my daughter are two of the dearest
friends I have in this world. I lost my wife four years
ago, and they look after daddy with beautiful support. My
son will call me on a Friday night and say, "Let's go have
a bean." That means, "Let's go to El Toro." El Toro is "The
Hot Place," you know about that. They come out and serve us
there automatically. We don't have to order. They know what
we want. They bring us each a bowl of hot sauce and a bowl
of chips. Then they bring us tacos and that's the way it
goes. I love my son. If you understand the love of a human
father for his human son, can you imagine the love the
perfect God has for His Son? Can we even begin to
appreciate perfect love?

If you are a student of the Bible, you will remember that
three different times the voice of God came audibly, "This
is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. " We will
never understand, to any degree, what redemption is all
about until we do understand something of God's love for
His Son.

"Most People Are Rejecting God and His Son"

The second point is the people of this world have largely
and are largely rejecting God and His Son. There is coming
a d ...

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