God's People Are "CALLED Ones" And Are Already "SAINTS" by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 1:2

If you have your Bibles now, friends, turn with me to
the Book of Romans, Chapter 1, and verse 2, as we are
studying some of the wonderful truths in this
marvelous Epistle. Remember, my friends, that the
greatest treatise on Christianity and what Christ came
to do for us is found in this marvelous book, the Book
of Romans, and may God help us to understand it and
study it and to give our lives to its marvelous


Now we read in verse 1 of Paul, a bond slave of Jesus
Christ, called to be an apostle and separated unto the
Gospel of God. I want to call your particular
attention to the word "Gospel," as found there. It, is
a wonderful, wonderful word, the word "Gospel," and it
means literally, "Good News," good news to sinners,
whereby we might be saved and walk with God here, walk
with Him in death and be with Him in heaven to live
with Him in heaven to live with Him forever. That is
the truth of the Gospel.

Now notice here in God's Word that God PROMISED this
Gospel, this Good News. Certainly the best news in all
the world is that God does not hold our sins against
us when we accept Christ as our Saviour and Lord. It
is terribly BAD news that we are sinners, but it is
truthful, it is a fact, and we cannot walk with God
here nor walk with Him hereafter in a sinful state.
But along comes the GOOD News that God has made a way,
whereby the banished can come back to Himself, that
sinners might become godly and walk with Him, here and
hereafter, have their sins forgiven and be saved.


Now God PROMISED this. The Gospel contains the
promises of God, "which He had promised before by His
prophets in the Holy Scriptures." The Gospel of God,
the Good News that belonged to God, had its origin in
God, came from God, unto us, and which He had promised
beforehand by His prophets in the Holy ...

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