God's Perfect Illustration Of Justification By Faith by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 3:24

Friends, we are studying the Divine Righteousness of
God, JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH, and what a wonderful
study it is! I hope it is a real blessing to you. Now
let me remind you our text is found in Romans 3:24,
where ALL are justified freely by His grace, through
the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. We found out
that the divine righteousness, the righteousness of
God, was manifested in a fourfold way.

First, in His faithfulness in fulfilling His promises.
God cannot lie; He keeps His promises.

Second, in His punishment of sin.

Third, in the death of Christ, in giving JESUS to die
for the sins of the whole world.

Finally, in God forgiving the repentant sinner who
believes in Jesus and declaring him righteous.

It is that latter one that we are taking up primarily.
The death of Christ, then, is a sacrifice, and acts as
a Mercy Seat by which the righteousness of God can go
forth and embrace all believers. Its essence, at least
at first, is not in MAKING men actually righteous, but
in justifying or TREATING them AS IF they were
righteous. Now that is the fundamental conception of
the Apostle Paul all through the first part of this
tremendous Epistle to the Romans. In the first five
chapters, the fundamental thought is God TREATING
guilty sinners as righteous, declaring us righteous
who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, by simple faith
plus nothing.

Now remember that this righteousness issues from God,
and ends in a blessed state for men, and is a process
that is called dikaiosis, or justification. It is a
process, going on, that begins when we have faith in
Christ and ends in glory with the Lord. It is a
blessed state, a process, called dikaiosis, Romans
4:25, or justification. Now in Romans 4:25 we read
these words, "Who (Christ) was delivered for our
offenses and was raised again for our dikaiosis." Our

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