Comfort For Repentant Sinners by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 103

Now, friends, if you have your Bibles, I want you to
turn with me to Psalm 103. You know, God says in His
Word, "Comfort ye, MY PEOPLE, saith the Lord." And, we
want to be sure that while we are pleading for those
who are unsaved, that GOD'S PEOPLE receive the COMFORT
of the Scriptures, as God speaks of it in His Holy
Word. We read in the Book of Romans about the COMFORT
find that my own heart needs encouragement, so when I
am out yonder in revival meetings, I outline the
Bible. I get a blessing by going to the Word of God. I
read it for my own heart's sake. I say to you now,
what I say to our personal workers and all the people
that I deal with in our campaigns (and I deal with
most of those who come to the prayer room) "Don't let
a day go by without feeding your soul upon the Word of
God. Read the Scriptures and pray. It will keep you
close to the Lord."

God wants to comfort His people! One of the things I
find in my own heart, as I journey on in the Christian
life toward Glory, from day to day, is the COMFORT of
God's forgiveness of sin, and I want to speak to you
now from one of the greatest passages in the Word of
God, one that means very much to me as a sinner, saved
by grace. You know, SIN is an awful thing, and as we
get older we realize it. Young people a lot of times
do not think about sin and its consequences, but as we
get older, we realize the consequences of sin. If
there is a young person listening to me now, let me
urge you to THINK, while you're young, about SIN.
Don't wait till you get older. THINK about it. Think
about its CONSEQUENCES. Think about getting older and
facing the fact of SIN. Face it NOW, and live just as
clean a life as you can. Above all, live for God!

Now as we get on in life, we recognize that w ...

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