The Glorious Consequences Of Justification By Faith by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 5:1-11

Now friends, if you have your Bibles, turn with me
please, to Romans, chapter 5, verses 1 through 11, a
tremendous study in the Word of God, in the great
Epistle of Paul to the Romans.

Today we are studying the blissful, glorious
that we are justified by faith. We are declared
righteous, by faith. Now there are wonderful
consequences, glorious consequences, of the statement
of God that we are righteous. God treats us unlike
sinners. So many people say, "Well, we are all going
to the same place. We are all in the same boat." Well,
we aren't! There are two divisions of men: Those who
are justified and those who are not justified; those
whom God declares righteous and those whom God does
not declare righteous. And God is not going to treat
those who believe on His Son and are declared
righteous, as He treats the unbeliever who does not
believe on His Son and whom He has not declared
righteous. There are glorious CONSEQUENCES for the man
or woman who believes on Jesus and is justified by
faith and is declared righteous, and there are
horrible consequences for those who reject Christ and
are not justified and declared righteous by God.

Now the Christian state of justification has
consequences. There are consequences near, and there
are consequences out yonder in the future, for all
time and eternity. It is not a little thing, my
friend, to be declared righteous by God! It has big
consequences throughout the future.

The present consequences, here, are described as
"peace with God" and "sure hope" for a happy future,
which result in courage under all trials and
persecutions of this brief life.

The future consequences come under the idea of
assurance, which comes from the realized proof of
God's love, which guarantees our final salvation and
eternal glory.


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