Let Us Bear The Likeness Of Christ by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Corinthians 15:47-49

Friends, turn with me, please, to First Corinthians
15, and we are continuing our study of IN ADAM AND IN
CHRIST and what it means to us in our resurrection

We found that Adam was created a living soul, confined
to this present world, but it didn't carry with it the
sense of the blessings of the resurrection world. Also
we found the profound truth that Adam, even in his
innocency before the Fall, did not have what God has
planned for His people in the resurrection life
beyond, which has to do with the Spirit. We found that
Christ was made a Life-giving Spirit, and that He
gives LIFE to those who believe on Him now.

Let me pause to say that we hear so much emphasis on
"Faith." More emphasis ought to be put on "Life." I've
seen that for a long time.

You say, "Well, doesn't faith produce life?"

Yes, it does when it is genuine, but people have
corrupted the word "faith" and have made it to mean,
"going to church, getting baptized, and going through
religious motions." Many a person is going through
religious motions today who has not LIFE. They have
not received the New Birth.

LIFE comes only from direct contact with JESUS. LIFE
comes when we repent of our sins and come humbly to
Him and make Him the Lord and Master of our lives in
full surrender. The man who has not surrendered to
Jesus has not Life. Jesus must be LORD. When we come
to Him in our poor, sinful condition, and accept Him
as our Lord and Master, and put Him first in our lives
henceforth, then He transmits to us His Holy Spirit,
gives us the New Birth, His Spirit takes up His
residence in our body, and we become "spiritual"
people. Jesus gives LIFE. He is the Life-giving

Not only has Jesus given us Life now, BY THE SPIRIT
indwelling us, but we found also that THE HOLY SPIRIT
OF GOD will also raise us from the dead. When we die,
we ...

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