Looking At This World In The Light Of The Next by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley

These days we hear much about retirement and its problems.
But one thing is sure: we should never retire from the
spiritual life. If you retire from your spiritual life you
will degenerate into just nothing for God. The other day I
was riding in a certain area and saw this church sign: "The
Christian who rests, rusts." The Christian life is an
active thing. It is not something just for Sundays,
something you put on when you go to church and take off
when you get home. The spiritual life needs to be worked
seven days a week. The man who doesn't read the Word and
pray, and attend church and put his heart into the work of
Christ through the week as well as Sunday is going to rust!
May the Lord help us to recognize all around us
opportunities to serve Him.

Around the world today there is a conflict---a fight is on!
We who are Christians are up against a foe greater than men
in physical combat ever faced, for we are fighting the
powers of hell. We are fighting demonic forces, the power
of the devil. Two titanic powers are locked in conflict
around the world today---God and Satan---and the object?
The possession of a man's SOUL---EVERY man's soul, around
the world! Where are the Christians today who are on God's
Side, winning precious souls for HIM?

To be a true soldier of the Lord we must live a disciplined
life! I think one of the besetting sins among Christians
today is softness! That means deterioration. It means
degeneracy. It has always been, through the years. When
Rome was fighting her way up, she was a disciplined,
powerful nation. But when she "arrived" and got to where
she was the mistress of the world, she became soft,
luxurious, wealthy, undisciplined. Terrible sin abounded
and she rotted to the very core, and the result was her
downfall. And, friends, the very same conditions that
caused the downfall of that great nation ar ...

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