Why The Blood Of Christ Is Necessary For Salvation by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Exodus 29:16

Now, friends, turn with me to the Book of Exodus, chapter
29, verse 16, and today we are taking up the most precious
study in the Bible, MORE IMPORTANT than any other study in
the Bible, and that is the truth of THE BLOOD.

There is absolutely no place of comfort but in the Blood of
Jesus. There is absolutely no place of forgiveness of sin
and of peace and rest in this restless age but in the Blood
of Jesus. The restlessness of this age is due to the fact
that people do not keep their eyes on the truth of the
Blood of Jesus.

These Scriptures will be a blessing to your heart as we
study the Blood and what it does for us in bringing us TO
GOD. There is absolutely NO OTHER WAY. There is ONLY ONE
WAY. It is the BLOOD-sprinkled way. The Blood of the Lord
Jesus Christ is all that can save us and bring us to
Heaven. A great preacher had a sermon in which he talked
about the Holy City in the Book of Revelation and the
TWELVE GATES. The man is now in heaven. He was a man
greatly used of God and was a popular preacher. He used the
twelve gates as the twelve different denominations. Now
that isn't the whole story of his sermon, but I want to
draw this conclusion from it and say this: it doesn't make
any difference about those twelve gates and about the
outside labels of our particular religious group. I am not
speaking against religious groups; but I am trying to say
religious people on the face of the earth, IS THE BLOOD OF
CHRIST. That is the ONE common denominator. All of us MUST
come through THE BLOOD.

In Exodus 29:16 we read, "And thou shalt slay the ram, and
thou shalt take his blood and sprinkle it round about upon
the altar." There is the BLOOD SPRINKLED WAY. We read of
the sprinkling of blood many places in the Word of God. You
remember in Peter's second epistle h ...

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