How To Be Saved by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 3:16

The other day I received this letter from a radio

"I am listening to your broadcast at this time. I hear
it everyday . . . I kneel beside my radio when it is
time for prayer . . . Preacher, I was raised an
orphan, and only God knows of all the mistreatment I
have lived through. Without God I have nothing. I have
four little children. My husband is a drunkard. God is
my only Comforter. I want to be born again and feel
worthy to be a child of God. God has answered prayer
for me, and I love, Him so. Please help me pray for my
husband and my home and the children."

Friends, it is wonderful to know that THOSE WHO LOVE
she loved Jesus. One thing is dead sure; if you love
the Lord Jesus Christ, you have been born again.

This precious lady says she wants to "feel worthy."
Well, feelings come and feelings go. We cannot trust
our feelings. Here is a person, brought up as an
orphan, suffering mistreatment all her life, unhappy
in marriage. (Drunkenness always brings unhappiness.
If you want to see an unhappy home, go to a home where
there is a drunkard. Drink brings tears to the eyes of
little children, fear into little lives, misery to the
heart of a faithful wife. Drunkenness is an awful,
awful sin.)

But I want to say that JESUS CHRIST IS THE ANSWER. To
that soul, I want to say, Jesus Christ loves you with
all His Heart.

David's Contrite Heart

To anyone who wants to be saved, the first thing to
realize is that you are a sinner. We have to realize
it. We have to have something of the conviction of
sin, a realization that there is evil in our nature.
In Psalm 31:10 David cries, "My life is spent with
grief, my years sighing; my strength faileth because
of mine iniquity. My bones are consumed." That was
David's contrition, friends. Then in Psalm 51:1, "Have
mercy upon me, O God, accordi ...

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