How God Changes Problems In Answer To Prayer by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 18:1

You know, friends, there is nothing more important that we
can present to you than the great subject of Prayer. So
turn with me in your Bibles to chapter 18 of Luke, and
verse 1. I want to remind you that so many people are
finding in their problems of life today that they have no
victory, and the whole thing can be boiled down to one
thing: lack of prayer, due to lack of confidence that God
can and God will do something about our problems. Everyday
problems: financial, out of a job, a loved one drinking, a
home being broken up, immoral living, children seemingly
going haywire. All of this---listen---the answer to it is
PRAYER! When you and I see someone "fainting," we know that
that person is NOT PRAYING! Because if we pray (as we
OUGHT) and read God's Word, we'll not faint.

In Luke 11:13 God promises to give the Holy Spirit to them
that ask Him! If you are a Christian, if you are a child of
God, you can claim this promise. Have you accepted Jesus as
your Saviour? Have you been born again? Has your life been
changed? If you EVER were born again, you are still a child
of God even though you have backslidden. God still loves
you and says that if you confess your sins He is faithful
and just to forgive you and cleanse you from all
unrighteousness. So the minute you confess your sins you
are forgiven. Now believe that. Faith takes God at His
Word. Believe that God restores you just now, as though you
had never sinned. You are His child. And a child doesn't
have to beg parents for forgiveness. When he does something
wrong and says, "Daddy and Mother, forgive me," he is
forgiven immediately, and God is better than we are. So you
see the great problem is FAITH, and the Lord Jesus is
saying to so many of us, "0 ye of little faith!" "Little-
faith ones!" literally. LITTLE-faith ones! SOME faith
SAVES. Faith in Jesus saves. But we need ...

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