Yielding One's Self To God by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 6:13-23

A continuation of a Study in Romans

We are coming now to the close of Romans 6.
You remember that in Romans 6, verses 1 through 14, we
have our mystical union in the Lord Jesus Christ. I
just want to sketch it briefly.

Paul taught this by the Holy Spirit, the idea of our

When a man becomes a Christian, he dies to the "old
self" and is raised to a NEW life, life not simply
safe from God's judgment, but has new LIFE.

We know from John's Gospel that the New Birth is
through the water and spirit. We are born again.

In Peter, we are "begotten again", not of corruptible
seed but of INCORRUPTIBLE.

In James we read, "Of His own will begat He us,
through the Word of Truth." That word in Greek is
apekuesen, and it means literally, "brought forth." It
is the aorist active indicative of apokueo, and only
here is used of the Father. Elsewhere it is used of
the mother. So in this thought we have the picture of
a MOTHER bringing forth a child. It is the only place
I know of in the Bible where we have the intimation of
the Motherhood of God. Now I say that carefully. That
is the Greek word. "Of His own will brought He forth."
As a mother brings forth her child in physical life,
so God has brought us forth into spiritual life,
through the Word of Truth! That is when we became
UNITED with God and Christ.

So faith is the living apprehension of Christ! Paul
felt power penetrate him! He saw that by IDENTIFYING
himself with Christ, in no other way could he get the
confidence and force to live as Christ lived. His
weakness inside was reinforced by a tidal wave of
sympathy and emotion and power to live above the
natural. This elemental power He sets to work in his
spiritual life! That is why we have the amazing life
of Paul. He reinforced duty by affection. He found
he could govern motions of unrighteousness by DYING to

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