Salvation By Faith In God's Promise, Not By Keeping Laws by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 4:13-17

Friends, we are taking up today Romans 4, the
marvelous study of the life of Abraham. We have found
several things in this wonderful chapter about
Abraham, and now we come to the very summation of it
all. Abraham was the father of believers, and we walk
in the steps of our father Abraham on to Glory. There
is a great host of people in this company of
believers. Abraham is spoken of as the father of
believers because he taught all others salvation by
faith, in Genesis 15, in that wonderful passage,
RIGHTEOUSNESS." So today, we can BELIEVE GOD, and it
is counted TO US for righteousness, even as to every
person who believes God about Christ, and comes to and
trusts Christ.

Today we come to the summation of it all. We learn as
the third division of this great fourth chapter,
verses 13 through 17, Abraham was saved by God's
promise and not by his keeping of certain laws.
Abraham was saved by promise, not by keeping laws. So
"Promise and Law" is the subject of the next division,
Romans 4, verses 13 through 17. They are the
antithesis of each other.

The reason we know that Abraham was saved by promise,
and not by law, was this. When God said that He
declared Abraham righteous, it was BEFORE THE LAW WAS
EVER GIVEN. For the Law was given through Moses, and
Abraham lived before Moses' day. A large group of
people are always talking about the Law, the Law, the
Law. But I say to you, friends, that SALVATION IS BY
FAITH---not by Law. Here is the proof positive of it.
Abraham is the father of "BELIEVERS." He wasn't given
the Law; he was given a PROMISE! He was saved by GOD'S
KEEPING HIS PROMISE to him, not by Abraham's keeping
certain laws! We learn, too, in the book of Jonah that
salvation is of the LORD. It is His doing, entirely.
Our part is faith in God's P ...

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