The Successful Life by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I John 2:17

I want to speak to you now on one of the most
important of subjects---THE SUCCESSFUL LIFE, of THE
MAN WHO SUCCEEDS. The opposite would be THE LIFE OF
FAILURE. We all want to be successful, and it is
important that we see HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL in the
Christian life. We can be successful in this world.

There are many ideas about success. The other day a
newspaper carried an interesting article about what it
means to be a success or failure. The reporter asked
six people, whom he met at random on the street, "Do
you think you are a success in life?" And each said,
"Yes," and gave the reasons why. "I succeeded in
getting an education," said one. "I count that a
success." Another said, "I have a job. I count that a
success." Another said, "I have a happy home," and so
on. Another said, "I've attained unto happiness in my
own soul." They all said why they felt they were
successful. No one deemed himself a failure.

What does the BIBLE say about a successful person?

FOREVER." He that doeth the will of God is the only
person who can be called a success. Why?

God tells us why. He says first of all that THE WORLD
is passing away. It is translated, "The world passeth
away" But the Greek present tense there means, "The
world is passing away." This was written 2,000 years
ago. The world was passing away in John's time. What
is meant by the world "passing away?" "The world"
means everything that is contradictory to the will of
God. Everything that is opposed to the will of God IS
PASSING AWAY, because God is Almighty, and God is out
to get rid of everything that is against His will in
the world.

Now God's will is always good, and it is always best,
and it is always right. God's will is the RIGHT thing.
And everything that is WRONG is going! Everything has
got to pass away, that is against God and right ...

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