A Rich Man Shall Hardly Enter The Kingdom by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 19:23

Jesus said, "Verily, I say unto you that a RICH MAN
shall hardly enter into the Kingdom of heaven."

That is a startling statement. It is contradictory to
the thinking of men. But remember, we must take God's
Word as truth. We must judge everything that we think
and read and discuss by the Word of God. Here are the
words of Jesus about a rich man. "A rich man shall
HARDLY enter into the Kingdom of Heaven."

It is wonderful today to see men and women who love
the Lord Jesus Christ. I was in a revival campaign
recently and we had done what we thought was adequate
advertising. But one night at the close of the service
a gentleman came to me and said, "You know, I'd like
to do something for this meeting I don't think you are
advertising widely enough. I want to have a share.
I'll take care of the expense of it. You go down to
the newspaper and everyday you may put in a full-page
ad if you wish, and charge it to me. I'll pay the
bill." That man had tears in his eyes as he said it.
He gripped my hand tightly. I learned later that that
man is worth some fifteen million dollars; He loves
Jesus Christ with all his heart. Well, we put those
ads in the paper and the last night of the meeting he
was happy to have had a part in the winning of souls.
He took delight in the Lord. Here was a RICH MAN, who
LOVED JESUS. He gives of his means to carry on the
work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In that same meeting, a woman laid down one thousand
dollars for one particular phase of Christian work.
That woman did personal work in our revival campaign.
It isn't often you find people like that. Most often
it is the humble folk who help carry on the work of
God. So it is a thrill to find wealthy people who give
of their means to help carry on the work of Jesus

God's Word indicates that it is very difficult, many
times, for wealthy peop ...

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