True And False Security, “I Shall Not Be Moved” by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley

We have the expression in the Psalms, "I shall not be
moved." This has been set to music into a popular
little Sunday School chorus. Perhaps you remember it.

I shall not be,
I shall not be moved; I shall not be,
I shall not be moved, Just like a tree
That's planted by the waters, I shall not be moved.

It's just a simple song. But as a matter of fact, that
is a PROFOUND TRUTH in God's Word. It is a translation
of two Hebrew words. Bal Emot.

SECURITY is a fundamental need in human life.
Everybody wants security. To be "moved," of course,
means insecurity and uncertainty, to be unsure, to be
in danger or jeopardy, to be in peril, to be
defenseless, to run a risk, to hang by a thread, to
totter on the brink of something, to sleep on a
volcano, to sit on a barrel of gunpowder. There are
other expressions that give the idea of INSECURITY. To
be restless, insecure, not fixed, not stable.

In this expression, "I shall NOT BE MOVED," we have
the idea of safety, security, to be sure, to be
invulnerable, to be free of danger, to be certain. Bal
Emot. MOT means "to tremble or quiver," and it is used
of the tottering feet of an aged man as he tries to
walk down the street but has insufficient strength.
MOT is used of mountains moved into the sea by an
earthquake. MOT is used of a hand trembling, when one
is exhausted with fatigue. So in this expression we
have, "I shall NOT TOTTER, I shall NOT TREMBLE, I
shall NOT QUIVER, I shall NOT BECOME WEAK, I shall not
BE MOVED." And the thought of SECURITY is found here.

"I shall not be moved" is used in the Psalms in a
blessed way. For instance, we read, "In my prosperity
I said, I shall not be moved." Those are the words of
a carnal believer. Bal Emot.

Then we have it used by the wicked man. "The wicked
hath said in his heart, Bal emot. I shall not be

Then it is used of the faithful ...

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