Let No Man Take Your Crown by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 3:7

I want to talk with you about "Crowns" from Revelation
3:11. May God give us the warning message we need in
this hour, then the comforting message. Remember, the
BIBLE is the Book we will meet when we meet God.
Remember, the Book we are to live by is the Bible!
Anyone who has the real hope of heaven will turn to
the Sacred Scriptures and live by them, as he goes on
his way toward Eternity.

Now in this text it is the Lord Jesus speaking.
"Behold, I come quickly. Hold that fast which thou
hast, that no man take thy crown." Now notice in this
passage that our Lord Jesus Christ says that He is
coming quickly. And you and I must BE READY to meet
Him when He comes again. Jesus Christ is COMING.
Beloved, if He should come today would you be ready to
meet Him? Oh, I want to be among the saints of God who
are going to be caught up out of this godless world, -
this world of tribulation. What many men and women
would GIVE today to be out of Communist dominated
countries, to be snatched out of it all! Yet that is
just what is going to happen to the people of God,
when Jesus comes again. He says first of all,
"Behold." That means, "Stop, look and listen!" "Put
this down!" "Emphasize this!" "Don't let it go!"

"Behold I am COMING." All over the world people agree
that the ONLY WAY OUT is the Coming of the Lord. A few
minutes ago I heard a man talking about world peace,
and he said that somehow or other he hoped that WORLD
PEACE WOULD BE WROUGHT BY MAN. But he added that it
would take a long time. In other words, "Man will work
it out, but it will take time." Not so many years ago,
they were saying that they were sure men would work
out world peace. Now they are saying that men will
work out peace but that it will take a long, long
time. As a matter of FACT, MAN WILL NEVER HAVE WORLD
He is th ...

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